The BitMEX platform operates a standard trading fee structure across all derivatives products for simplicity. For high-volume traders, we offer discounted Taker Fees as per the tables below. These fees will apply to all products automatically based on your rolling 30-day Average Daily Volume (ADV), measured daily at 00:00 UTC, amount of BMEX staked and (if eligible) by participating in our VIP programme. Discounts can be combined, but we set a minimum Taker Fee of 0.0175% and a maximum rebate of 0.0125%.

30-day ADV
Staking amount
Total Market Share
Maker Market Share
Tier -
Less than
30-day ADV
Staking amount
Your fees
Fee tier
0% | 0%
Staking amount
0% | 0% Discount
Taker Fee
Maker Fee
Get better rates!
Continue trading or stake additional BMEX to enjoy lower fees.
Original fees:
Taker Fee 0.000% | Maker Fee 0.000%
Your fees are calculated as original fees x ADV discount x BMEX discount. BitMEX reserves the right to change the fees from time to time.

What are the ADV trading fees?

You are eligible for lower Taker and Maker fees if you trade more:

Fee Tier30D Rolling ADV (USD)Taker FeeMaker Fee
-00.0000 %0.0000 %

What are the BMEX staking discounts?

By staking BMEX, you can get discounts on your Taker Fees and rebates on your Maker fees.

For larger staked amounts you can guarantee a maximum fee level.

* Includes Additional Taker Discount
** Excludes Additional Maker Rebate

BMEX StakeAdditional Taker DiscountAdditional Maker RebateGuaranteed Taker Fee*Guaranteed Maker Fee**
00 %0 %0 %

Perpetuals Trading Fees

The fees below include the base BMEX staking discounts

Futures Trading Fees

The fees below include the base BMEX staking discounts
BitMEX reserves the right to change the fees on individual contracts from time to time. The Taker Fee discount may be suspended during promotional periods and will otherwise apply proportionally to any contract which does not have the standard fee structure. More information on the current fees applicable to each contract can be found below.

Other Fees


On our Perpetual Contracts, such as XBTUSD, funding is exchanged between longs and shorts over discrete Funding Intervals. In your Trade History a positive amount means you paid funding for that Funding Interval; a negative amount means you received funding. BitMEX does not charge any fees on funding paid or received.

Please refer to the Perpetual Contracts Guide for more information on Funding.

Deposits / Withdrawals

BitMEX does not charge fees on deposits or withdrawals on Bitcoin. When withdrawing Bitcoin, the minimum Bitcoin Network fee is set dynamically based on blockchain load.

BitMEX does not charge fees on Tether deposits. The fees for withdrawing Tether can be viewed on the Withdrawal Page.

Order Type Exceptions

Hidden/iceberg orders

A hidden order always pays the taker fee. An iceberg order pays the taker fee until the hidden quantity is completely executed, then it becomes a normal order and they will receive the maker fee for the non-hidden quantity.

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Trading in cryptocurrency derivatives involves significant risks. Please consider whether using BitMEX is appropriate for you.
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