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.BUSDZAR_NEXT: US Dollar/South African Rand BitMEX Index

.BUSDZAR_NEXT Index Details

The BitMEX .BUSDZAR_NEXT Index shows what the .BUSDZAR Index Price would be under the most recently updated index weights. Once new weights are announced, .BUSDZAR_NEXT will display the hypothetical index prices with the new weights. Once the announced weights are live, .BUSDZAR and .BUSDZAR_NEXT will have the same price until the next announcement of new weights. .BUSDZAR_NEXT is not used for valuation or settlement.

.BUSDZAR_NEXT Index Weights

Further information on the composition, calculation and scheduling of BitMEX indices is available.

This index is composite, which means the price is built from multiple sources. See the Composite Index Breakdown below for information on the constituents. If an exchange is to lose service and no trades are printed for over 15 minutes, BitMEX services may automatically remove that constituent from the index until trading resumes.

Index Weight Calculation

The BitMEX index weights are computed using volume data obtained directly via API connection from each of the constituent exchanges listed above. Proprietary mechanisms are used to identify malformed and anomalous data, which is discarded. The index weight calculation removes constituents with insufficient trade volume.

.BUSDZAR_NEXT Index Historical Values

Index Values

These are 1-minute snaps of .BUSDZAR_NEXT from BitMEX Index.

The last 100 measurements are available here. More results can be retrieved from the API.

For the avoidance of doubt, and in accordance with BitMEX Terms of Service, HDR Global Trading Limited (operator of the BitMEX trading platform) accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any volume (or other) data received from any exchange and used to calculate the value of any BitMEX index and excludes all liability for any claimed losses arising in connection with its calculation and publication of any such index.